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Confident in safety!

Wildkogel-Arena protects its guests and employees

Information about Wildkogel lift operations during winter season

Skiing is an extremely healthy outdoor sport. When you are out in the fresh mountain air, you replenish your vitamin D levels and get lots of exercise in the process. And the benefits aren’t merely physical: Especially after all those restrictions of recent months, a stay in the mountains also does wonders for your state of mind. Good reasons, then, to see you here this winter!

Ski Operations in Winter 2020/21

As things look right now, nothing stands in the way of for the most part unrestricted ski operations in winter 2020/21. Our businesses will comply with all official regulations and implement all necessary measures to ensure guests of our ski area are as safe as possible.  Vitally important, of course, is the individual responsibility of businesses, guests and employees.


Our corona safety measures in detail

Please note: All information is being continuously updated. Status: 27.08.2020.  

Governmental regulations in their most current form shall apply. All information is subject to change.


Ticket sales

You have the following possibilities for contact-less ordering/buying of ski tickets:


 Ski Pass Sales Outlets

You can obtain your ski tickets from the ticket windows at the valley stations of the Wildkogelbahn in Neukirchen and the Smaragdbahn in Bramberg. You also have the option of buying tickets for the Wildkogel-Arena directly at the reception desk of our hotel sales partners.



Ski Huts & Dining Establishments

Summary of ongoing Covid-19 regulations during the easing of restrictions.

1. What measures are in place at huts in order to protect guests?       

  • Facemasks are not required when seated at the actual table. All restaurants comply with required distances between tables. 
  • Operators of dining establishments will ensure that foods and drinks are not consumed in the immediate vicinity of the service pick-up point.

2. What regulations apply to entering and leaving ski huts on the way to/from a table?      

  • As you enter a ski hut and make your way to your table, as well as when you leave your table, facemasks are required and you must maintain a minimum distance of 1 m between yourself and all other persons who either do not live in the same household with you or who are not part of your immediate group.

3. Is self-service possible at huts?          

  • Self-service is permitted insofar as special hygiene measures have been put in place to minimize risk of infection.



Ski School Information

Summary of the position paper "Health Safety and Winter Tourism" developed by the Austrian Ski School Association

1. What fundamental measures must be implemented?

  • When entering public locations, with respect to persons who do not share the same household, persons in other groups, parent-to-parent and parent-to-employee, a minimum distance of 1 m must be maintained.

2. How should ski instructors and ski students behave if circumstances do not allow them to maintain the minimum distance?

  • If it is impossible to maintain the minimum distance of 1 m, for example if assistance is being provided during a snow-sports lesson or if aid is being rendered after a fall (to help the person get back on their feet, etc.), a facemask must be worn.

3. How is the group size at ski schools regulated?

  • In order to make it easier to maintain the regulated physical distance (1 meter minimum), manageable group sizes are recommended with everybody staying together in the original group. Recommendation: max. 10 people including the sports instructor per group.

4. How do we avoid multiple groups gathering in the same area?

  • The assembly areas are chosen to be as spacious as possible. Course schedules are designed to avoid groups being crowded together at the same location.

5. What safety measures apply to the use of the lifts?

  • When using mountain lifts, passengers must comply with the rules of the lift operator in question (please refer to the FAQs above). Please pay close attention to signs as well as announcements on the public address system.

6. Will lunchtime childcare be offered to children?

  • Lunchtime childcare will be possible subject to special hygiene regulations. Precise details are currently being developed and will be published here (as well as through other sources) when completed.

7. Do special rules apply to the “Kogel-Mogel Kinderländer”?

  • The “Kogel-Mogel-Kinderländer” provide instruction to infant children and up – meaning that it is not possible to maintain minimum distances. Consequently, the snow sports instructor will always wear a protective facemask appropriate for winter sports.

8. How are ski school employees kept informed about corona measures?

  • Ski school employees receive training and instruction according to uniform corona guidelines and regulations.

9. Is the equipment used during ski school lessons cleaned and disinfected?

  • Ski school facilities, equipment, toys etc. are disinfected and cleaned multiple times every day as appropriate.

10. Are the ski school instructors subjected to corona testing?

  • Snow sports instructors from outside Austria must present the ski school owner with documentation of a negative SARS-COV2 test when they arrive. Regular SARS-COV2 testing of snow sports instructors as well as employees who have contact with ski school guests is planned.

You will find our winter sports schools here >>



Hotels & Accommodation Providers

Summary of ongoing Covid-19 regulations during the easing of restrictions

1. What do I, as a guest, need to pay attention to at my lodging establishment (e.g. hotel)?

  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1 m from all other persons who do not share the same household with you or are not part of your immediate group. Minimum distances do not apply if the risk of infection can be minimized by means of suitable safety measures (plexiglass barriers, etc.). Minimum physical distances also apply to fitness and wellness areas. For further details, please refer to the specific information provided by your own lodging provider.

2. What do guests need to be aware of in the dining facilities provided where they are staying (e.g. hotel restaurant, breakfast room, etc.)?

  • Facemasks are not required when seated at the actual table. All restaurants comply with minimum distances between tables and/or suitable partitions (e.g. plexiglass barriers) have been installed. When entering the business until you have reached your table, or whenever you leave your table, facemasks are required you must maintain a minimum distance of 1 m between yourself and all other persons who do not live in the same household or who are not part of the same visitor group. Self-service is permissible insofar as special hygiene measures are available to minimize risk of infection. Foods and beverages may not be consumed immediately adjacent to the service pick-up point.

3. Are accommodations in dormitories/group rooms possible?

  • Yes, if it is possible to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m between people who do not live in the same household, or if the infection risk can be minimized by means of appropriate safety measures.

Please obtain information about current safety measures at your booked accommodations before you arrive!


Important Corona Information

Where can I find current information about the coronavirus situation in Austria and SalzburgerLand? 
On its website, the Austrian Ministry of Health posts regularly updated information about the spread of the coronavirus worldwide as well as the current situation in Austria: Official coronavirus information page of the Austrian Ministry of Health
Here, you will also find specific information about Salzburg Province.

How do I recognize the symptoms of a coronavirus infection? 
Coronavirus infections are generally mild with symptoms that are similar to a regular cold. Frequent signs of an infection include fever, coughing, shortness of breath and respiratory problems. In severe cases, the infection may lead to pneumonia, acute respiratory distress, kidney failure and even death. 

What should I do if I suspect I am infected? 
If that happens, you should contact directly – by telephone only – the Austrian health authorities, reachable nationwide by dialing 1450. Immediately avoide public spaces, DO NOT go to a doctor’s office in person and DO NOT ride public transportation.


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